Book Georges Hourani to speak

Book Georges Hourani to speak.

To learn, laugh and get inspired.

-Book Georges

You are warmly welcome to attend my speaking events. Come and be a part of my big international family, where I share my
life experiences and encounters between my two home countries Lebanon and Finland.

In my speaking “The Journey” we will be knowing each other and knowing God in a closer manner. You start feeling home feeling belonging. With “The Journey” we meet God as life gets a whole lot better when we do. Come along to smile again to sing and dance. I encourage you to pull your cheeks back and up and open your eyes nice and wide. We all need to start a new trend.  To smile to be happy people radiating with joy.
Each day God Father lead us on a new adventure, in “The Journey” we can get deeper and deeper experiences into God father’s goodness and love. We are people of love and his love pulls us closer. If you want to be part of our family come and join us on this “Journey”.
I’m thankful for all of you, for those who do ‘pit stops’ with me and those who do family life with us.

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