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  • Christian Maronite minority in Lebanon leans on God to survive their hardships 
    Georges Hourani Georges Hourani is a Lebanese author and journalist of Christian background faith, who worked as a journalist in Lebanon and internationally for both print and broadcast media companies. He now lives in Finland with his wife, Noomi, and three children. To live as a Christian Maronite minority in… Read more »
  • Politics of war, invasion, and assassination of president Bashir Gemayel
    On the evening of Friday the 14th of September 1982, the Holy Cross Day feast was going beautifully. Hundreds of people from the neighboring towns and villages came to Deir Mimas village to attend the popular feast, celeb- rated annually to honor the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified,… Read more »
  • The Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross: the way home
    It is 13 September 2022, the eve of the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross. My older sister reminds me of the church festival in the evening – unnecessarily, since although I have been out of the country for several years I could never forget the old traditions, especially… Read more »
  • Tales of Estonian kidnap survivors: Embracing life as it is their only second chance
    The adventure of seven Estonian tourists on a bicycle tour in Lebanon more than eight years ago, was the trip of a lifetime. Their cycling journey in fragile country turned into nightmare while crossing to Lebanon from unrest neighboring Syria in March, 2011. The Estonian cyclists were abducted by gunmen… Read more »
  • How the city of Lahti is playing out in Arab Media?
    In the Arabic world, much of the media attention has focused on the unexpected or unprecedented issues have been taken place in the city of Lahti. In countries as Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar the media coverages have been in general positive. What… Read more »
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